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Burkina Faso, Africa



Family Ministries of America is a Christian organization that is passionate about, loves, and values children and their families.  As children were a priority to Jesus, they are also a priority to us.  The only joy greater than leading a lost person to the saving knowledge of Christ is leading a child to the saving knowledge of Christ. 

Our founders, Webb and Cassie Chenault, two wonderful hero’s of the faith, unselfishly served this ministry for 49 years. As a result of their faithfulness, countless lives have been positively impacted and an innumerable number of children have been led to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

We understand the urgency of leading children to Jesus while they are young. A recent survey states that that 85 to 90 percent of Christians began their relationship with Jesus before age 14. The percentage drops drastically after that.

Therefore, our primary purpose is to honor God by faithful obedience to Jesus’ personal instruction to bring the children to Him. Our primary objective in fulfilling the Lord’s command is to reach unchurched and lost children from their local neighborhoods by promoting, conducting and supervising evangelistic home Bible clubs and other evangelistic endeavors for children.


It is our first priority and goal to provide every available child a clear presentation of the good news gospel of Christ, utilizing songs, games, crafts, skits, and illustrations. To equip them with the necessary tools and personal instruction in a fun creative and child friendly, way to encourage spiritual growth, maturity and personal evangelism. We endeavor to evangelize and disciple the child’s family or guardian and encourage assimilation into a local Bible-believing church.

We conduct contemporary, creative and innovated training classes for Bible teachers, instructors and other volunteers. Providing the resources needed to adequately equip them to effectively conduct evangelistic home Bible clubs for children and other evangelistic activities.

Family Ministries of America partners with personal volunteers and doctrinally sound local churches to conduct evangelistic training, Bible clubs, crusades, seminars, and meetings for both children and adults.


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